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MOUNTsupply’s brand philosophy is “Good old classic design- a seedbed for their own brand recast. Inheritable & Independent.”

Each patch pattern is presented at random. Every piece is matchless and one-of-a-kind! MOUNTsupply concept of “Heavy But Comfortable”

Loopwheel, invented in Italy in 1926, was very interesting. It's like a stubborn, clumsy fool, compared to a flat loom. This sparked our interest in the old tube loom.We find that this weaving, though bulky, is particularly interesting: because of its complex weaving process, the longitude in the fabric is much lower than those from the flat shuttle loom, can maximize softness and comfort while retaining the heavy thickness!

In the summer of 2019 we have tried to make products with this old tube loom seamless weaving technology. Made of 265g US made heavy sweat fabric, weigh only 9.5 ounces! Light, breathable and durable. Our concept of “Heavy But Comfortable”


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